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Designer men's tops are essential to any modern wardrobe rotation. Men's t-shirts that are crafted in premium and organic cottons remain quintessential casualwear staples, but receive avant-garde updates by way of overlong silhouettes, layered designs, and panelled constructions. MENS provides a wide panel of options when it comes to tops. Find the perfect piece of garment that will follow you all summer long.

Sunspel have made luxury T-Shirts in England for over 100 years. Refining them to be as soft, light and comfortable as possible; a part of their heritage that makes the brand confident that Sunspel T-Shirts are the best that you will ever wear.

comfortable crew neck

These short sleeve men's t-shirts are cut with a comfortable crew neck collar, and features a subtle C.P. Company logo detail at the chest. Crafted in a durable jersey made from the finest grade of Makò cotton, for a fine and breathable fit that's far more durable than standard cotton textiles. Garment dyed with an aged effect to yield a uniquely faded finish throughout each piece.


Made with a focus on comfort, the silhouette looks beautiful from any angle. luxurious design even when worn as a single piece.


Washi is highly hygroscopic and can be worn without stickiness even in the summer of Japan. It is also a versatile material that also has a deodorant effect.


 It is highly hygroscopic, non-greasy even in the hot and humid summer, and has a deodorant effect. The last is an environmentally friendly material that returns to the soil.


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Aesthetic, comfort, and performance are all qualities that make a garment long-lasting. We work closely with our global suppliers to responsibly source the best fibres for every Filippa K piece. Reduce, repair, reuse, recycle: we use circular fashion as the foundation of our work. Each year the brand publishes a report of our ongoing efforts, and we’re constantly finding new and better ways to care for people and our planet. 


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