External material membrane 6000/6000, WR; goose down insulation; warmed outer pockets; removable chevron on the sleeve; internal warm cuffs; hood-tube with an edge of natural fur (detachable); Utyazhki on the hood and waist; additional zippers on the sides of the product for access to the inner pockets of the trousers and driving comfort; shoulder strap on one shoulder - a replica of the polar shoulder straps. 

  • Brand details: detachable Arctic Explorer chevron on the sleeve, shoulder strap on one shoulder, Russian North badge on hood hood
  • The main fabric: membrane 6000/6000, WR (processing)
  • Insulation: goose down
  • Accessories: YKK
  • Decorative items made of genuine leather
  • Edge: natural fur (comes unfastened)
  • Temperature range: -15 ° C

Chill Yellow