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the silhouette has been revised to create a more balanced and comfortable fit. Heat-adhesive non-quilt processing and seam tape processing prevent moisture from penetrating and achieve high water resistance. In consideration of wearing in bad weather such as rain or snow, the hood is equipped with a para-hood system that prevents water and snow from accumulating.
The dual-zip ventilation feature on the front zipper uses two rows of zippers and the mesh fabric placed between them to draw outside air into the garment and release unpleasant heat and moisture that can easily get trapped inside the jacket. In addition, the lining uses heat-retaining material HEAT NAVI(R) to keep the inside of the garment at a comfortable temperature.
Furthermore, by using traceable down that has obtained the "DOWNPASS" certification and strictly managing it by serial number, it is possible to trace the procurement process of all feathers.

Turns light into heat +5℃ (*1)
Active heat retention material The biggest feature of HEATNAVI is to generate heat from light.
Carbon-based inorganic materials completely absorb almost all wavelengths of light and efficiently convert it into heat. Provides comfortable warmth.
In addition, it efficiently converts light into heat, so you can enjoy outdoor sports comfortably and warmly in any weather.
*1 This is the temperature difference between our conventional polyester material and HeatNavi material under the following conditions, and does not represent the state of wear.
Difference in temperature rise after 10 minutes under constant conditions [Test conditions Environment: 20℃, temperature 65%RH. Sample 30cm from the bottom of the reflex lamp, 500W reflex lamp for photography]

■Para-hood system
A top open zipper is used on the hood, allowing for quick opening of the hood when it is necessary to put on the hood. The hood can be closed when not in use.

■Dual Zip Ventilation
The two rows of front zippers and the mesh material placed between them allow air to be drawn in from outside the jacket and dissipate unpleasant heat and moisture that tend to get trapped inside the garment.

■ "DOWNPASS" certification
A standard that guarantees that feathers are ethically raised and collected based on animal protection systemized by Germany's DOWNPASS eV, and that high quality standards are maintained.

■ISPO 2018 Performance Segment/Mountain Performance Category
Award One of the world's largest sports exhibitions held every year in Munich, Germany. This award is given to outstanding products after strict examination in terms of product concept, design, technology, and environmental friendliness.


Outer material Main body: 100% composite fiber (polyester) Outer material Inner collar: 100% polyester Lining: Polyester Filling

Main body: 90% down, 10% feather Filling Hood opening, side body, lower sleeve switching area: 100% polyester 


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