KIJI was founded by a group of craftsmen.

Even a decade ago, Japanese fashion was one of the best-kept secrets in menswear. Clearly that's no longer the case. With that in mind, here’s a guide to some of the best Japanese clothing brands that MENS carried and trusted over the years.


By Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori.

Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya

This burgeoning brand has experienced a quick rise to popularity over the past year having been carried by the currents of the techwear revolution. Known for second-to-none technical fabrics and craftsmanship, and wander has wooed a fashion-conscious audience thanks to a collection of stylish clothing, outerwear, and utilitarian accessories.

utility basics



Made from the finest materials.

Historically, ‘iki’ is the aesthetic of Edo’s common people, where they enjoyed their own personal style and way of being with integrity. IKIJI’s craftsmen inherit the skill and uncompromising ethos of Edo’s artisans - channeling their pride in the smallest details - producing the highest quality products with a design and playfulness suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

The term ‘ALLTERRAIN’ implies the ability to function in a wide variety of conditions and situations. The design of the ALLTERRAIN line was inspired by the notion of “less” for example, sceneless, ageless and timeless. In pulling the concept together, we put all sorts of specifics like age groups, specific scenes and locations out of our minds and instead concentrated on pure, timeless craftsmanship. This was the creative focus of the ALLTERRAIN design exercise.